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Appjewijn came to us to design the brand identity, website and folder design. We’ve adviced them on how to best execute their business concept(since it was only just a concept still) and got krafting. Being there right from the start gave us the opportunity to guide the client in how the customer journey is mapped out. It also gave insight into how they ideally saw this process go – and we accustumed the ideal customer journey to that process in the best way possible.

Since appjewijn was a new concept in the world of wine, it’s identity needed to reflect this. We’ve also kept in mind that most of the interaction with client’s would actually happen in Whatsapp – so the logomark should work well into the UI of Whatsapp.

The identity also needed to showcase Marlies as the face behind the brand. As Marlies was the one writing the creative text’s about the wines, giving advice to customers and delivering the wine to customers.


The identity of appjewijn features bold and bright colors, with green as the main color. This color choice is meant to reflect Marlies’ bright personality and create a refreshing feel. The brand identity also includes a clear and simple connection to WhatsApp, through the use of a text bubble containing a wine bottle. This conveys the focus on wine in the messages and interactions on the platform.

The main font used in the brand identity is Quicksand, which is a bold yet friendly font with rounded forms. This font choice communicates appjewijn’s aim of providing a low-barrier entry point to the world of wine, and its warm and unintimidating tone is well-suited to this goal.

To further highlight the presence of Marlies in the brand, we also incorporated a second font that has a handwritten feel. This adds a personal touch to the brand communication and reinforces the connection with Marlies as the face of the brand.

In the brand communication, there is also a presence of smileys and quotes to highlight the connection with WhatsApp even further. This is particularly relevant for appjewijn’s target audience of younger wine enthusiasts who are familiar with using the app.

About Appjewijn

Appjewijn (app your wine in Dutch) is a new Dutch website with a wine folder that allows customers to place orders trough Whatsapp. It’s also possible to ask for wine advice. The aim of appjewijn is to be a low barrier entry for anything wine. Accomplishing this by their way of communication and the face of the company: Marlies.