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Sietse from Marselini Benelux approached us to design a website and webshop for a  B2B customers only webshop selling women clothing designed and manufactured by the Polish clothing manufacturer Marselini .

Sietse is a representative of the Marselini brand. His aim is to connect the Polish clothing manufacturer with the Benelux market, clothing retailers in specific.

We both wanted to give a little bit more depth to the branding. Since the original branding was set in stone – we made it our task to elevate the story behind the butterfly. Since there was none.

Behind the scenes the web shop also required a few essential implementations. Integration with a newsletter service. Stock inventory trough external xml. And optimized shopping and processing functionality.


In this project, we had several goals. One of them is to persuade non-customers to create an account by providing an attractive solution. Additionally, we want to ensure that the shopping experience for B2B customers is seamless and easy to use, with a focus on ordering new products.

We enhanced the branding and storytelling by incorporating the butterfly. We used the quote “Today would be a good day to become a butterfly” and renamed the clothing items after different butterflies. On the product pages, we included a small description about each butterfly to add more depth to the brand.

Mollie is implemented for payments. It is easy to generate invoices and packing slips for orders. The website also includes AJAX cart and search functionality. Customers can see stock levels for each and every size, which are refreshed twice a day through a CRON job that retrieves the stock data from an XML file from the Marselini server.

About Marselini Benelux

Marselini Benelux is a B2B webshop that connects clothing retailers in the Benelux region with the Polish women clothing manufacturer, Marselini.

A webshop for B2B only.

The purpose of the main homepage is to grab the attention of potential retailers who may be interested in working with Marselini in the future. The additional pages are used to record and track this interest. Only customers with a verified account are able to access the web shop and see products. Users who are not logged in will be directed to the retailer login screen.