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> 3D Design
> UI/UX Design
> Social Media Design



Our task for the NodeSwarm project was to create a design for the smart plug that would act as a node in the distributed supercomputer network. We needed to ensure that the design was both functional and aesthetically pleasing, while also being cost-effective to produce.

Additionally, we were responsible for creating promotional materials such as an explainer video and social media images that would effectively communicate the benefits of NodeSwarm to potential users and investors.


We first conducted research into the design of smart plugs and their components. Using this knowledge, we created a 3D model of the smart plug design that was both visually appealing and functional, ensuring that it could easily be inserted into a standard electrical socket. We also used high-quality rendering software to produce realistic images of the smart plug design that were used in promotional materials.

In addition, we created an animated explainer video that effectively communicated the benefits of NodeSwarm, as well as social media images that helped to promote the project and raise awareness of its unique features. 

About NodeSwarm

NodeSwarm is a cutting-edge distributed supercomputer project by that utilizes a proprietary protocol combining the best of blockchain, AI technology, and directed acrylic graphs (DAGs) to create a network of smart plugs acting as nodes across the globe.

This innovative project enables energy-efficient, rapid, and secure transactions across the global network, while also offering unparalleled energy efficiency, scalability, and security. With its ability to unlock every energy market on earth and seek the most cost-efficient route through AI-powered algorithms, NodeSwarm promises to revolutionize the future of data processing, offering an infinite number of solutions for developers and institutions alike, from monitoring IoT devices to complete smart home integration.