> 3d Design/Animation
> UI/UX Design
> Social Media Design



Evolver was tasked with creating the interface and visual identity for “Saisha,” a new artificial intelligence bot that adds automation and intelligence to board meetings.

The project required us to design an interface that would allow directors to interact with Saisha seamlessly and efficiently during meetings. We were also tasked with creating a visual identity for Saisha, which would reflect the bot’s advanced functionality and cutting-edge technology.


To meet the requirements of the project, we designed a User interface for Saisha, which would allow directors to easily interact with the bot during board meetings. The interface provided real-time information and strategic insights, prepared the agenda for meetings, and suggested agenda items based on previous meetings and learned data. We also designed a granular level security feature that allowed directors to have permissions over certain data levels and categories.

In addition to the interface design, we created the visual identity for Saisha, including a 3D female face consisting of silver spheres, which served as the bot’s face. We also designed a Saisha box that contained the hardware and brains of the bot, which we 3D rendered for use in marketing and promotional materials.

Finally, we created social media posts and visuals that helped to promote Saisha and its advanced functionality.

About Saisha.AI

Saisha is an innovative artificial intelligence bot designed by Fountech.AI that brings automation and intelligence to board meetings. With real-time strategic insights, automated agenda preparation, and granular level security, Saisha helps directors be more effective and meetings more efficient. Saisha is a valuable addition to any board meeting, improving communication and productivity while streamlining the decision-making process.