> Animation
> UI/UX Design
> Social Media Design



We were tasked with creating engaging and visually appealing UI animations that would accurately convey the emotional responses of the AI-driven teacher on the Soffos platform. We needed to design animations that would evoke an emotional connection with the user and create an immersive learning experience.

Additionally, we were responsible for producing an explainer video that clearly communicated the platform’s key features and benefits.

Lastly, we had to create graphics optimized for social media that would effectively communicate Soffos’ unique value proposition and encourage user engagement.


Through our design and animation work, we helped to visualize a cutting-edge AI-driven teaching platform in Soffos that is changing the face of traditional learning models.

Our immersive UI animations and explainer video helped to convey the benefits of Soffos in a compelling and memorable way. Making it a part of the platform’s lessons. 

With our social media graphics, we also helped to amplify the reach of Soffos.

It was a rewarding experience to work on a project that has the potential to improve the way we learn and interact with technology.

About Soffos

Soffos is a cutting-edge AI-driven teaching platform that is revolutionizing the way people learn. Unlike traditional teaching methods, Soffos personalizes each lesson to suit the user’s individual learning style and adapts to their engagement level through advanced AI algorithms. This ensures that the learning experience is optimized to help users reach their full potential.